We All Have Dirty Shoes..

Your shoes know where you go, your shoes know where you have been, and your shoes walk along different paths each and every day. Even when you do not know where you are going, your shoes take you there. Sometimes our shoes become scuffed, torn, shattered, full of holes, dirty, muddy and even wet in the rain. One thing for sure is that..


What do you normally do when your shoes become dirty, worn out or faded?

You either clean them up, shine them with polish making them seem brand new or you go to the store and buy new ones.

Our Christian walk is a whole lot like shoes. God knows where you go, where you have been and he walks along the side of you down each and every path.

There are times that we get dirty, worn out and faded during our Christian walk. There are times when we try to clean our act up, polish ourselves and make ourselves seem like we are changing things, and there are times that we truly make a change and become a whole new creation in God.


There is nobody on this planet that has a crystal clear perfect life. They may seem to you and I that their life is perfect, but I am here to tell you that their life is truly no different than yours or mine. We all have trials, pain, hurt, fears, and struggles. With these battles in our lives we tend to become shattered, scuffed, broken, worn, and faded.


We all need a savior to wash our “shoes” clean and guide us along the right path.


What I mean by that is that we all have sin in or lives. Just like shoes that walk down the wrong path and get dirt, grim and even gum stuck to the bottom of their soles. Our souls also get muddy..disgusting…and even get things attached that we do not want nor need.

So it matters where you shoes have been and it matters what path you are walking down…

God is the only one that can take our old rugged, worn out souls and give us a new life with him. He washes all of our sins away and makes us a new creation. Allow him to take your shoes and wash them clean..

Do your shoes need a good hard cleaning today?

Are you tired of walking down the wrong road?

Are you weary and heavy burdened by the path that you have chosen?

The good news is that God is always a present help in the time of need. He WILL never leave you, he will never turn his back on you, and will never stop loving you no matter how dirty your soul becomes.







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20 thoughts on “We All Have Dirty Shoes..”

  1. I like the dirty shoes and sin analogy. None of us is perfect, that’s why we shouldn’t compare ourselves one to another. Placed against the Word of God, we all have shoes that needs cleaning.

  2. Great! It reminds me of the passage about the disciples shaking the dust off their feet. Sometimes we need to do that because we get too caught up with our dusty shoes we’re held up.

  3. I am so very grateful to my Savior. The mud, even cement, that I’ve walked through. It’s overwhelming to think about how He can just make our hearts brand new. We can see where we have been, but our being hasn’t a spot. <3 Great analogy! Easy to apply and remember! <3

  4. Yes, we all need to be washed in His blood for the forgivness of our sins. And being honest to Jesus about where we are is so important as well.

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