She is lurking, moving and trying her very best to devour…IT IS INDEED JEZEBEL!

Most of you all have heard the reference the “she-devil.” This reference was indeed tied to Jezebel, the Queen who ruled in the Old Testaments days of the Prophet Elijah.  ( 1 Kings 16:31)

Jezebel was rotten to the core!

She was an idolater that worshipped Baal, she murdered God’s prophets, she was extremely controlling, and she lured Ahab with her deceptive beauty to turn away from his Hebrew faith and to worship Baal along with her.


The thing that most people do not think about is that Jezebel is still using her wicked ways to gain control. Satan has released the “Jezebel spirit” into the world that we live in today. The Jezebel spirit is actually one of the most dangerous spirits lurking in our Churches. Yes, I went there…

(The mind is a battlefield for spiritual warfare, with both demons and God trying to reach through the mind. The Jezebel spirit seeks control over the mind…and the Jezebel spirit has to have an “Ahab” to enable them to have the control that they desire. )


  • The Jezebel spirit seeks to destroy Churches, Ministries, Relationships, Pastors, Marriages, Friendships, and Anyone who threatens their limelight.
  • This type of spirit operates in and through control, rejection, manipulation, pride, arrogance, and often lust.
  • It is born out of witchcraft and rebellion and it tries to divest men and their authority.
  • This spirit wants power and manifests itself with the most “spiritual beings.”
  • People with this spirit target the headship. They offer free help to be their top assistant because they want their protection.  It hides from the leader’s view but manifests in front of others.

People oppressed by this spirit will have these characteristics :




Causes Fear


False humility



Charmingly deceitful

They seek affirmations through position

They love being on the platform, occupying the spotlight, and seek popularity

People pleasers

They serve to be seen and to have control

They operate through PERFORMANCE based acceptance

They are perfectionist

They seek self-promotion

They are One-uppers

They always let people publicly know that they knew something before everyone

They believe they are made for leadership

They always boast about knowing more than most about worship, the word of God, and bible studies

They seek out people of authority to gain their ear to manipulate and gain control

They will do anything to have their way, no matter the cost

Their families are out of order, but they hide it very well

They are legalistic

They use flattery to get what they want


They play people against each other

They seek control to influence leadership

They seek to destroy ministries to get their way

They only give themselves credit for things 

They have a Religious spirit

They refuse to admit when they are wrong

They are threatened by Prophetic ministry

Criticises everyone

Attention seekers

Know it all

Not a team player

They manipulate you into thinking they are holy but they are not


You need to test the fruit of the person in question for authenticity.

John 16:13-14- NIV-

13 But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. 14 He will glorify me because it is from me that he will receive what he will make known to you.

True spiritual gifts attract people to JESUS, not THEMSELVES!

You must have discernment of spirits, a strong commitment to the word of God and a strong sense of accountability to be able to sense this Jezebel spirit. The Jezebel spirit is very smart and cunning and anyone with this spirit will refuse to see this for themselves. The reason this spirit is threatened by Prophetic ministries is that someone with this gift can identify the spirit. Remember that Jezebel in the Bible tried to destroy all prophets, including Elijah. 

If you feel that you have encountered this spirit, you must pray and allow God to deal with it. This spirit will wreak havoc on anyone and everyone that allows it to come upon them. If it has come upon you, rebuke it, repent, and ask for forgiveness. God will deliver you! If you sense that this spirit is tormenting someone else, pray for them to be delivered!

Pray for your Church and church leaders that they will not be deceived by this awful, evil, and disgusting spirit. 

God loves everyone, including those that have been oppressed by this spirit. As Christians, we must speak against these spirits in Jesus name! Jezebel has no authority over you, your church corporately, your children, your friends, family, Pastors or Leaders…etc. Do not allow the enemy any footstool to overcome those things in which you love. If any of these characteristics sound familiar to you about yourself or someone else, pray now!!                                    

God will refresh your soul!

Psalm 23:(NIV)

    he refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
    for his name’s sake.