Do You See?


Beyond what your children do, how they behave, why they do things a certain way, and what talents and skills that they have, do you truly see what God sees in them?

Ask yourself these 20 questions today…

  1.   Are you pushing your kids to be who you want them to be or are you pushing them to be who God says they are?

2. Do you push your children toward using their spiritual gifts?

3. Do you know why they react to certain situations in certain ways?

4. Are you teaching them by example how to love others like Jesus, to forgive those that hurt them, to show kindness to ALL God’s creations, to have compassion, gratitude, and to be humble?

5. Are you teaching them and showing them what the word of God says and how to live a Godly life?

6. Are you teaching them how to pray and study God’s word?

7Are you talking with them about how God may be speaking to each them?

8. Are you pushing them to pray more and to rely fully on God?

9. Are you being their “spiritual” cheerleader?

10. Do you talk, teach and guide them into a better understanding of their spiritual gifts?

11. Do you encourage them to pray for others?

12. Do you talk with them about their dreams?

13. Are you real, vulnerable and honest with them about your past mistakes and how God has transformed you?

14. Do you even know what your children’s spiritual gifts are?

15. Do you truly listen when they are speaking to you?

16. Have you dedicated your kids to God?

17. Do you believe and know that God has a purpose in their life?

18. Do you push them to be authentic and themselves?

19. Do you speak positive affirmations to them daily?

20. Do you truly see who God has created them to be?

These are wonderful questions that each parent should ponder on and be asking themselves.

We should be asking to have “eyes” that can truly see who are children are meant to be in Christ.

We should be encouraging our children to “step out, be bold and courageous for God.”  

We should be teaching them the ways in which God wants to use them in their gifts and callings. 


Our children are highly favored & loved by God and it is our job to help them reach their true destiny!

It is not their children’s pastors or youth pastors job to lead them, it is our job as parents…

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24 thoughts on “Do You See?”

  1. Very sound advice, today! I will be copying those questions! It’s so important to refocus and remind ourselves of the charge God has provided in parenting. Our eyes should be on God. Our hearts should align with His. Our ears should discern His will. Thank you for this! As a parent of young children, I tend to get bogged down with expectations, “shoulds” and “oughts”. These questions will help keep my heart on God’s side of parenting! <3

    1. Thank you, Katie! it is very important for sure and our eyes should always be on God.

  2. What a powerful and convicting list!! I don’t have children of my own, but I do help my husband in the youth ministry at church, and many of these questions can also be applied to youth workers!

  3. Number #4 and #15 give me pause because I know I let other stuff get in the way and lead to rushed conversations and reduced patience. Thank you for the reminders to slow down!

    1. Yes, sometimes we have to truly slow down and just listen. So glad you were encouraged!

  4. These are great questions, Keisha. While I know as mothers, we all want our children to be successful in whatever they do, but it’s more important for them to follow God’s leading on their lives. They need to know how to talk to and listen to God so they can hear what He has to say.

    1. It is our job as parents to seek God, allow God to mold them into who he says they are and to help them establish who they are meant to be in him 🙂

  5. These questions are such a good self reflector. Very important for each of us to ask ourselves if we are truly authentic and Christ-Like when we are growing up our children..

  6. Great questions to ponder as we are wanting to raise our children to follow God’s ways. Are we really do it or are we encouraging them to follow our ways?

  7. My daughter is 31 and as her mom, I still have the responsibility to love, encourage, pray and ask myself these questions. Parenting and affirming our children doesn’t stop because they hit a certain age. In fact, we should do it all the more when they are adults. The world can be a cruel place, and our children of all ages need to know that God is on their side and fighting for them just as we are. I loved your questions, and there are some I need to follow-up with!

    1. You are correct! No matter the age, we are called to always teach our children the ways of the Lord.

  8. Wow, this is an incredible list! I love how each question reinforces that we must teach our children to walk in faith and make their faith their own. SO good.

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