Arise Daughters Of God

        There are so many days that I begin to write and the enemy whispers to me that I have no business writing anything. I have never claimed to be “perfect, sinless, or without blemish.”  I have made plenty of mistakes throughout my lifetime… past, present and I hate to tell you this, but I will make plenty more in my future. So if you are watching me just waiting for me to fail, I probably will more than once, but I will get back up, dust myself off and try again.

That is because I am not a quitter!
That is because I am an overcomer!
 That is because I have a God that loves me and a God that has placed a calling and purpose in my life that is bigger than I could ever imagine!
Everything that has tried to defeat me, kill me and destroy me has FAILED! 
 God has called me for “such a time as this.”

 God has spoken so clearly to me about what my mission is to be. See, he knows my name…he knows my struggles...and he has whispered promises to me that no man or devil in hell can take away!

So though my sins are scarlet, he has washed me white as snow.

I  know that I am not the best writer and I know that I will never go a day without making a mistake, but God says “I am his own.” Even when I fail God each day, he still wants to use me and he wants to use you too. 


If the devil has tried everything that he can to get you down and you have placed your feet on  HOLY GROUND, dwelling, not moving and standing firm in God…you cannot be moved or shaken.

You have to get to a point in your life to where the only thing that matters is God and what he has for you!

If God has placed something on your heart..go after it FIERCLY!!

Walk in OBEDIENCE and see where God leads and guides you.

God does not call the equipped, he equips the CALLED!

Do not allow the enemy to whisper lies to you. The only reason he is tormenting you is so that you will not reach your true destiny. The devil knows what God has inside of you and he wants to get you so down in the dumps that you give up on your dreams and callings.

You are called to be used by God!

God may be telling you to do something and the spirit of fear is upon you...I REBUKE that spirit off of you in JESUS NAME!!!

The devil has NO AUTHORITY over a CHILD OF GOD!!


Do you not believe that if God can do a work in me, that he also can do a work in you?

Do you not believe that there is greatness in you?


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27 thoughts on “Arise Daughters Of God”

  1. I love your passion for Christ! It totally shows in your writing. So many of us need to hear this, that we are daughters of God and the enemy has no power of us! Very encouraging 🙂

  2. “You have to get to a point in your life to where the only thing that matters is God and what he has for you!” Amen! We should have confidence to be all that God has called us to be!

  3. Wow, I felt as though you were praying over me as I was reading. Yes, I am an overcomer! Not by anything I have done but by everything Jesus did for me. Thanks so much for this encouragement today! x

  4. Such a powerful post today! This has been my focused prayer for weeks. Use me Father! Such a great reminder that He is equipping, calling, and preparing me for whatever He has in store!

  5. I love how you said that when God places something in your heart go after it fiercely. I feel we often go after thing begrudgingly, like a child who was told to clean their room but doesn’t. But you are so right when God calls us to the places that we don’t see ourselves, we go after it fiercely. Thank you for sharing.

  6. What encouraging, empowering words you have written here! God has certainly equipped you, thank you for not listening to the enemy! I needed this today more than you know, and am so grateful for sisters in faith like you that boldly step out in faith and take action in His name.

  7. This is exactly where I am at now. At times it can be an encouragement knowing that Satan is attacki g you because you are a threat. That means you aren’t stagnant. Great post!!

  8. Keep writing, Keisha. Keep declaring truth and speaking the Word. You were indeed for such a time as this. God has called you like a trumpet to sound the alarm for women in particular to arise. Keep it up. Don’t grow weary in well doing, for in due time, you will reap, if you don’t faint.

  9. We are called and we should not be afraid. When we fail, God will forgive us. We don’t need to listen to satan, just run back to God and he will carry us through.

  10. What a great, encouraging post! I love when you said, “you have placed your feet on HOLY GROUND, dwelling, not moving and standing firm in God…you cannot be moved or shaken.” This is so true. He is our rock, our strong tower. Whom shall we fear??? Be blessed this week!

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