Dear Frazzled Mama…

I see you, yes you, the one that is walking the aisles of the supermarket in a sudden daze of what is yet to come for the day. You walk aimlessly down the cereal aisle, picking one out, knowing that your kiddos will fight over the one you bought, so you buy two separate boxes just to keep your kids from fighting.

You walk by slowly, taking your time,  looking, gazing, browsing and you often wonder how you even got to this place. You come to this supermarket at the same time and same day of every week just to escape. Escape the chaos…escape the noise that is constantly inside of your head…escape…the nagging….just to simply escape…


You are frazzled Mama..and that is ok!


We all feel your pain, us Moms that is. We all know exactly what if feels like to try your best to be “SUPERMOM” and to fail quite miserably.

There are basketball practices, dance recitals, Church fundraisers, suppers to be made, dentist appointments that need to be made, school projects that have made us competitive monsters, lunches that need to be made…etc…etc…you get the picture…..we have a lot on our plates.

We juggle everything from the finances, to family life, to work life, to church life, to ministry life, school life, and somehow the “everything’s” in our life gets done.

Life is hectic and all we want to know is if we are doing a good job at this mom thing..can I get an AMEN??

I am going, to be honest with you all. I am a hot mess 99 % of the time. I wing it, everything that is! There are days when I do not even care what my kids wear to school anymore. There are days when I literally throw whatever I can in their lunch boxes because I am tired of them fussing and not eating what I put in there. There are days that I cry after I drop them off at school because the pressure to be the “perfect” mom is just way too much!

I am tired…I am frazzled…and yes, I often at times just want a vacation..alone…

But one thing I know for sure is that my kiddos are loved and that they have a Mom that does not have it all together, but I try. I try each and every day to teach them to love like Jesus loves. I try each and every day to show them what being kind is all about and how to strive to be “the best versions of themselves as possible.” 

I try…and that has to be enough!











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18 thoughts on “Dear Frazzled Mama…”

  1. This is so great! I view grocery shopping as self-care time! It’s the only other time of the week that I am completely alone aside from early mornings with God. I value this time! Boy do I know I don’t have it all together but I love my children and my husband fiercely!

  2. Thanks for such an encouraging post! With three little ones 4 and under, frazzled is basically my middle name. Love your uplifting words and spirit!

  3. Yes, I think we all have those days and then like a blink the kids grow up. I think the most helpful advice someone gave me is other moms are feeling the same way I am on those frazzled days. Getting out of the house is key for me:)

  4. Such good encouragement. When we are feeling frazzled, that’s when we think of all the pinterest worthy posts and forget that everyone has these days, these seasons and these years.

  5. By the grace of God we go forward, trusting that He has given us what we need for each moment of each day, right? Way easier said than done! 😛

  6. Often when I’m frazzled, I realize it’s because I haven’t been leaning into Jesus the way I should. He calms my soul even and helps me decipher what needs juggling and what I don’t need to be concerned about.

  7. Lol. Going to the grocery store without my kids is a mini-vacation in my mind! Thank you for the encouragement from one frazzled mom to another. 🙂

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