40 Ways To Encourage Someone Today!

1 Thessalonians 5:11 (NIV)

11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

1. Smile at a complete stranger

2. Open the door for a stranger

3. Pay for the person behind you in a drive-thru

4. Write handwritten positive affirmations on a post-it note and leave them in bathroom stalls in public

5. Compliment your cashier

6. Leave a positive affirmation with your tip for your waiter/waitress at a restaurant

7. Bless your local Police station, Fire station, and EMT's with a gift basket

8. Offer to watch your friends children so that they may have a date night

9. Volunteer at your local shelter or food bank

10. Compliment at least 3 people that you meet every day

11. Write handwritten notes and place them in your children's lunch or backpacks

12. Thank your children's teacher for all of their hard work with a card

13. Call a friend that you haven't spoken to in a while and encourage them

14. Ask a friend to coffee and offer to buy

15. Ask a friend to lunch and offer to buy

16. Tell someone that they are doing a great job today

17. Offer a friend help that seems to be overwhelmed and stressed

18. Tell a friend how beautiful they are

19. Read a complete strangers blog and comment 

20. Thank your Pastor with a handwritten letter

21. Send someone an encouraging text

22. Let someone know that you are thinking about them today

23. Offer someone a hug

24. Buy a co-worker a soda pop or their favorite snack

25. Make a book of recipes for your closest friend

26. Make index cards of scriptures and pass them out to women at your church or even co-workers at church

27. Buy inspirational bookmarks and hand them out to your youth in your church

28. Buy an encouraging book and give it to a friend

29. Clean up the trash at your local park

30. Offer to clean the home of someone that is elderly or someone that is unable to do this on their own

31. Make supper for a friend

32. Make positive affirmation cards and passed them out to random people

33. Clean out your husbands car for him

34. Write positive affirmations with a dry-erase marker on the bathroom mirrors of your children's bathroom 

35. Leave a positive note in your husband's pants pocket

36. Volunteer at your nearest rest home

37. Sign up to ring the bell for the salvation army

38. Get a group together to sing Christmas carols to all of your local residents at rest homes

39. Reach out to new families in your church and bake them a pie

40. Shine your light each and every single day by walking in kindness