7 Ways To Shine Your Light On HALLOWEEN


I know that some do not celebrate Halloween and if you do not, I promise you that by posting this, I am not trying to say that you should or should not celebrate. (That is totally a personal decision and I respect your decision no matter what you choose to do)
With that being said, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and let me tell you a few reasons why…

Halloween in our home is celebrated by dressing up with our children and making wonderful lasting memories. We decide on a family theme, make our costumes together, and as a family, we trick or treat together. We have a huge Halloween gathering with our family members, we eat, we laugh, and we spend much-needed quality time together. Halloween is a fun night for Christians to gather together and shine our lights.

There may be darkness all around us, but God shines through us and with that light, we can defeat any and all darkness…

7 Ways To Shine Your Light On Halloween

-Pray before you leave your home and ask God to help you to be a witness to someone tonight. Halloween is the perfect time to get to know your neighbors and even an opportunity to talk to lots of strangers.

-Show kindness to every person that you encounter.

-As you are giving out candy, tell each person that “Jesus loves them or tell them to have a blessed night.”

-Use Your best manners while receiving candy from others.

-Smile and compliment others on their costumes.

-If you do not like typical Halloween costumes, choose to dress as biblical characters.

-Make this a night to gather with friends and family. Dress up with your kids, laugh together and make fun memories together.

We shall fear no evil, for our God is always with us! Shine your lights on this dark world and glorify God on this Halloween.

xoxo-Be blessed!



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17 thoughts on “7 Ways To Shine Your Light On HALLOWEEN”

    1. I know that Halloween is kind of a touchy holiday for some, so I am glad that there are others that celebrate this holiday as well. You all have fu as well!!

  1. I like your balanced view of Halloween. While I recognize that the holiday had terrible roots, so do many other holidays. Other religions borrow our holidays. Why not take theirs and use them for redemptive purposes?

  2. Love this! I just posted a similar article, so I enjoyed reading the different ways you keep Christ the center of your Halloween!

  3. I completely agree! We let our kids participate in Halloween but we have boundaries on what we will or will not allow them to dress up as. We also are judicious on which houses we go to. But my son loves to have a night where he gets to fight evil with whatever ‘good guy’ costume he chooses and my daughter is tickled with getting to be a beautiful princess!

    1. I am so glad that other Christians choose to participate in Halloween as well! HAve a blessed week!

  4. Great suggestions! I understand some believers have different opinions on this, but I always see Halloween as such a great relationship building opportunity.

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