16 Ways To Let Him Know He Is Still The One…

If you have been married for a long while you may not think that your husband needs to be reminded that they are still your soulmate, but I indeed believe they need to be told and told often. 

{Today I have written, “16 Ways To Let Him Know He Is Still The One.”}

With these 16 ways you will not only remind him that he is your soulmate, but you will also remind him of why he is special to you. I promise that if you do these things, you will, in fact, reconnect with your spouse on a much deeper level. If you feel that your needs have not been met by your spouse, I guarantee if you step out and do these things, in return your needs will be met by them as well. 

  1. Make his coffee each morning or if he does not drink coffee, make his favorite protein shake, smoothie, or grab him his favorite caffeinated beverage to enjoy on his way to work.


  1. Send him a text during the day with something positive and uplifting. It can be something that he has done that you appreciate, or it can be a scripture for that day or even just a simple “I appreciate you.”


  1. Place a special note once a week somewhere so that he will find it. If your hubby travels a lot, place it in his suitcase. If your hubby commutes each day to work, place it in his pants pocket, if your hubby works locally and takes his lunch each day, place it in his lunch box.

4. Get your hubby’s favorite snack and place it on his bedside table or nightstand. My hubby is obsessed with candy, so once a week I like to surprise him by filling his nightstand with his favorite candy.


  1. Wash his car for him. Most hubby’s work long hours. Make up an excuse to trade vehicles with him for the day and get his vehicle cleaned up.


  1. Before your hubby gets home from work, draw him a nice hot bath with soothing music, place his favorite beverage in there, and let him soak and unwind from the day.


  1. Give him positive affirmations each day. Tell him how sexy he is! Guys need to know how “Hot” they are to us and that we are still attracted to them after all these years.


  1. Tell him how good he is doing at this whole Fatherhood thing. There is nothing hotter than when I see my husband being a good Dad to our kiddos. So let your hubby know how good he is doing too.


  1. Compliment how well he dresses. Even if your guy is a simple T-shirt and jeans kind of guy, or even if he likes to dress up, compliment his style.


  1. Buy him tickets to his favorite concert, football game, basketball game, or movie and give him a “guys night out.”


  1. Once a week give him a massage.


  1. Hug & Kiss him often, hold his hand, grab his butt…. physical touch and affection mean so much more to guys than they let on. It reminds them that “they still got it.”


  1. Flirt with him daily! Every couple has their own way of flirting and their own inside jokes. Just because you are married, that does not mean that the flirting needs to stop. It actually means you need to flirt with each other more. Keep that fire burning couples!


  1. Ask him out on a date. Married couples need to date and spend time away to reconnect.


  1. Tell him how thankful you are for him as a provider, friend, lover and Godly man.


  1. Make time for intimacy with your spouse. I am not trying to be vulgar by any means, but you and your man need intimacy in your relationship. Sex should not be a dirty word among Christian married couples. Sex was created by God and is a very holy act and a gift given to us by God himself. So do not treat it as if it is another “chore” or “check off of your to-do list,” intimacy with your spouse should be something you love and look forward to.

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