I Will Praise Him In This Storm….

Have you ever felt barricaded and trapped in a storm going on in your life? 

As the thunder rolls and the lightning strikes, you may begin to grow weary in believing that God is even there when you cry out to him.

Today you are going to read a testimonial very dear to my heart…

My nephew was born on August 31, 2017, at 4:00 pm via emergency c-section. He was delivered within 24 seconds due to a condition called SVT. (Supraventricular Tachycardia) His little heart rate jumped as high as 280 bpm(beats per minute) and was spiking higher at a very fast rate. He had to be delivered promptly.

Since being born my nephew has had many tests and is currently taking 3 different medications. He has been diagnosed with Wolf-Parkinson White Syndrome and is nearly 2 weeks old. My Sister and Brother-in-law have not left his side in the NICU. He has been in two different hospitals, one of which he had to take a helicopter ride to get to. My sister and brother-in-law are first time parents and this road has been a difficult one to travel on.

Below you will read my brother-in-law’s testimonial of his perspective on this storm our family is dealing with.

I Will Praise Him In This Storm

Guest Post By Cody Byers

First of all, I ‘d like to apologize to everyone for not being vocal about my appreciation of everyone’s thoughts and prayers. But I assure you that they are much appreciated.

I am by no means perfect; nor do I try to be.

Throughout my first 12 days of being a parent, I’ve felt every kind of feeling imaginable. All of these turning me into one big emotional roller coaster. Some of these emotions I am not proud to feel but I accept they’re part of being human and part of the process of growing as a spiritual man.


I feel angry entering a NICU full of babies, watching them fill up and leave one by one, while our family stayed at the same cubicle. I feel angry that my wife hasn’t been home or seen her bed in 2 weeks. That my son doesn’t know what it feels like to be held without an IV and 5 leads strapped to his chest to monitor his every heartbeat.


Envious of other parents (most of which I’ve known growing up) that have had kids around the same time as me, all getting to bring their kids home and begin their parenting lives together. Envious that these babies could get their newborn pictures and meet their grandparents and other people that cared for him while others had to drive 3 hours to put on hospital gowns and see him two at a time.


Bitter that my family has had to go through this. Bitter that I have to leave my son every night to stay in a hotel and call every two hours to make sure he’s ok. I feel bitterness towards families that take how precious a babies life can be for granted. That some people never realize just how much of a miracle the birth of a child really is.


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JOB was a devout godly man whom God found favor in. A man that after losing his wealth, livestock, servants, and ten children in one day, never let his FAITH shake.

He was a man that GOD himself had unwavering trust in his faith, so much that he allowed the devil to attack him twice just to prove how powerful his LOVE for the LORD was. Even after his wife and multiple friends suggested otherwise, he stood his ground and stuck to the one that granted him PROSPERITY in the first place.


God has abundantly blessed me for 27 years now and now I’m enduring my first part of many storms as a parent. So how could I give up on the only one that’s never let me down? And how could I expect prosperity when I can’t learn to praise him in the storm?

Even the holiest of men in the Bible went through trials and tribulations, so why should I expect to be exempt from any?

PSALMS 59:17~ O my Strength, I will sing praises to you, for you, O God, are my fortress, the God who shows me, steadfast love. “

I long to be a godly man like JOB, who can sing God’s praises in the middle of the storm just as loud as David did with Goliath at his feet. I want to return that steadfast love that God shows me every day, whose faith is FEARLESS and will be tested repeatedly…but never tremble.

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So now I look back on everything, I feel FAITHFUL...

Faithful in a God that has FAVORED me with abounding blessings throughout my life, some of which I take for granted every day. 

I feel faithful in my walk through this storm because my God is my fortress who I find solitude in.

I feel an overwhelming sense of FAITH that this storm will pass and we will look back on this as a constant reminder of GOD’S love for me and my family. 

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I have an amazing wife and a beautiful baby boy that God has promised to protect and I hold my faith firm in that. Even through the worst of times, I will fearlessly and faithfully shout HIS name in praise. 

I will walk through the storm without hesitation because I already know the outcome of my situation.

There is a reason God specifically chose you for your trial….


And for those of who have welcomed or are welcoming a little one into this world, please don’t forget how blessed you really are and how easy it can be to take it for granted.

I pray that your families will have an abundance of faith through the hard times so that you can sing his praises in the good times.

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Beckham has been a fighter since the day we found out that we were pregnant. He has fought and prevailed over every obstacle that has come his way, and we expect him to continue to do more of the same.

Please if you would join me in prayer for my precious nephew, Becks, God is working and creating miracles through this little guy and our family every day.

I will leave you with this question to ask yourself …

Where does your help come from?

 “Sing Praises” to the maker of heaven and earth and Praise him in this storm…..



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