“5” sure ways to grow closer to your teenage daughter…

5 sure  ways to grow closer to your teenage daughter

I am not the picture perfect mother by any means and each day I make mistakes and I fail at this whole parenting gig. But one thing is for sure, I am not going to give up on trying my best to parent my kids the way God has called me to.

I have heard for years that you need to let your kids know that you are their “mother” and not their “friend.” But I see that these two things go hand in hand. My daughter knows that I am her mother and that what I say goes, but she also knows that I am here for her anytime, day or night, ready to talk with her about her needs.~

~A Mother daughter bond is a beautiful thing~

1. The very first way that you can grow closer to your teenage daughter is by sharing God with her. You should be the role model that she needs in order to succeed in this life.

~Pray for her, read the bible together, talk about spiritual gifts and callings.

She looks up to you, teach her the ways of the Lord! 

2. Secondly, a very important way for you to grow closer to your daughter is for you to be open and honest with her. That means about all the things that most parents do not like to talk about.

Periods, sex, boys, feelings, emotions, relationships, how our bodies work, why we feel the way we do sometimes, etc..

You get the picture. 

If you are open and honest, showing vulnerability about all of these things, your daughter will feel more comfortable asking you questions when she is curious, instead of asking classmates and friends.

YOU need to be the one to establish that trust in your relationship.

 Once you have established that trust she will come to you about everything. So be prepared for anything this day and time. But at least it gets them talking and expressing how they feel about certain situations. 

3. Share special moments with her.

My daughter and I absolutely love binge watching Gilmore Girls all snuggled up in the bed with a nice warm cup of coffee or hot tea.

This has become our “thing.” We will finish a series on Netflix and move to the next one.

~We laugh together, we cry together, my daughter is my little BFF.

4. Encourage her DAILY!!!

~I have written encouraging and uplifting scriptures and quotes all over my daughter’s bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker.

That way each day when she gets up she sees…

God loves you and so do I!

You are beautiful!

God is within you!

You have a hope and a future!


~Encourage them with notes, by speaking positive affirmations over them and write uplifting messages for them to see each day. 

5. Last but certainly not least, your teenage daughter needs your support!

You need to support her in everything that she does, even if it is not the path that you may have imagined for your daughter. 

If she likes sports, support her!

If she likes art, support her!

If she likes to express herself by drawing abstract art all over herself with markers, support her!

If she likes to express herself with wild and crazy hair colors, support her!


~Support is everything to a child! They have dreams and ideas and if you support them those dreams and ideas will change the world somehow.


~Teach your daughter to be bold and to never change who she is because of other people. 

I promise you that if you give these 5 things a try, you will see a major change in your mother/daughter relationship.

I know that I have….

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Late night coffee date with my girl!!

Be blessed!

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  1. YES!! I have a teenage daughter and I definitely love doing all of the things you shared here…

    We are so very close too.

    CHEERS to our amazing girls!

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