IT IS WELL…with my soul….

We all face difficult circumstances that tear us apart. The kind of circumstances that throw you off course and set you back. Or at least in your mind, it is a setback. But what if the circumstance is meant to promote you to a whole new level?

You have to tell yourself…it is well….


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Whatever Journey that God has you on right now at this very moment, I first assure you that God’s plan will never harm you. Secondly, stop doubting yourself! You are equipped through God to finish what God has started in you. Every word that God has whispered to you in the dark will be brought to the light! DO not allow satan to control your mind, he has NO authority over you!

You are a child of God! You are chosen, you are called, and no man can stop the destiny God has for you. 

I have been struggling this week with something that happened a few months ago in my life. Due to that circumstance, I am having trouble moving on toward my destiny. I know with everything that I have within me that God has called me to do something else for his kingdom. He has even sent dreams, visions, and confirmations to others about the exact task that he has for me. But this week the devil keeps putting in my mind that I am just “not good enough” to do this. This dream is so much bigger than myself and I am fighting within myself to believe that I can even do what I am called to do.

Can any of you relate?

See the devil knows my weaknesses, just as he knows very plainly about yours. He knows exactly what to say to me to get me down. I struggle with anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and fear of failing. So whenever I think that I have a handle on things and I take the first step to move forward, I am suddenly sent backward.

Until today…….

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Today I decided…it is well with my soul! It is well that God moved me into another direction, even though it has hurt and the road has been rough, my soul truly longs to do what God has called me to do. Today I decided that every time I feel defeated or have a negative thought,  I am going to quote this scripture to myself and I pray you will do the same.


We have to realize that life does not go according to OUR own plans. Only God knows the plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11) Sometimes we are moved from other areas in which we were serving God because God is promoting us to a new level. You need to decide today that no matter the circumstance that you will not let it determine your future. You have to move forward and tell the devil to get off your back!

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