Wilderness Moon

Have you ever ventured out into the wilderness at night? Maybe on a family camping trip, you may have gone to look for firewood or had to venture into the woods to walk to the bathrooms. The deep dark woods of the unknown surrounded you with every step. Every tree began to look the same and you felt as if you were wondering for days around in circles. You felt scared of the darkness and with every sudden sound, you felt as if a beast would attack you? What guided you along the way when you had no other light?

THE MOON guided you of course. You were drawn to the only source of light that you had. The moon has always been mysterious to me. Sometimes it takes different shapes and sizes. As a little girl, I would gaze at the big ole’ moon and dream or wish upon a star beside it. The moon is beautiful and its sole purpose is to produce “light” for the night. The moon lights up the night sky so that we do not live in darkness. But what gives the moon it’s glorious “light”?

THE SUN of course. The moon reflects the sun’s light onto us even when the sun is on the other side of the Earth. The amount of reflected light depends on the moon’s surface area, so we are very fortunate to have the moon be so large. Isn’t that pretty cool? Now I am not here to give you a science lesson on the moon and the sun and their purpose. I am however here to explain that just as we may physically walk and look for the wilderness moon to guide us, we too may be walking on a spiritual path that is now guided by the wilderness moon.

Sometimes during our spiritual walk, we will be guided down an unknown path. This path is dark and scary and I guarantee that you will feel as if a beast (the devil) will attack you at any moment. Just like you are walking into the wilderness at night, you will also be walking spiritually down an unknown path. So what guides you along this path through the spiritual wilderness and what do the moon and the sun portray spiritually?

THE MOON is the plan that God has for you and THE SUN is THE SON of God reflecting through the moon and making the path and plan known to you by giving you a source of light. See God already knows the path that he has set out for you and he too knows the plan. But we do not. We can feel as if we are walking non-stop into the wilderness looking for that source of light and failing to find it. Unless you dig deep into God’s word during your journey through the wilderness, you will never find the light that God has provided for you and you will continue to wander into the darkness.


You may be having a tough time right now walking through the wilderness searching for the wilderness moon to guide you. You may feel alone and scared because you have no idea what your next step may be or where God is leading you. Know first and foremost that you are never alone! God will never leave you or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5) God will make a way for you! He will be your guide and stick closer to you than a brother. God works through the unseen and guides you through his marvelous light. The path is lit all ready for you. The wilderness moon is shining so brightly through your dark path right now at this very moment! God is there when nobody else is!!

When you are traveling on a journey into the wildernesses, look up and let the WILDERNESS MOON guide you.


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