Your worth is not found in man, it is found in GOD!

Have you ever felt worthless or undervalued?


Maybe you did not receive the promotion that you thought you have worked so hard for and deserved or maybe you were recently made to feel that you are just not good enough. You owe yourself the same amount of love that you so easily give to others. See the keyword here is “give”. Often so many times we are givers and others are takers. Therefore we are left feeling sad, alone, worthless and undervalued. It is terribly hard to understand why we are not chosen for certain things. It brings me back to middle school and being chosen last for the dodgeball team. It feels as if part of our soul is damaged and there is something that we do not have and others do. Then the questions start scrolling through your head and the devil starts trying to control your mind with awful thoughts about yourself. Over and over again you tell yourself that you are WORTHLESS and that you can not possibly be good enough to do anything. I know, because I have been in those shoes.

I care, I care too much at times and I feel as if some people take advantage of that. I am a genuine, loyal, honest person and I truly love helping others. I have a servants heart and I would love nothing more than to see someone else’s needs to be met before mine. I am just this way. I work and I work hard! I put 110% into everything that I do and that is a fact. But having this type of personality comes with a price. Throughout my life, I have been let down due to constantly giving and getting nothing in return or being made to feel that I am still just not good enough for the task at hand. My hard work, dedication and best efforts just go unnoticed. I am like an old dish rag being tossed away after serving its purpose for a short time. Therefore I know how worthless and undervalued feels. I have felt this way on several occasions. (Probably more than I am willing to admit)

I  know that when we are focused on the needs of others that in the process we lose sight of what we deserve and need.

It just seems like I pour my heart and soul into things and I always end up with the short end of the stick. But all in all, you can’t make somebody “get it”. Effort is a reflection of interest and you can not force someone into seeing that you are “worth it”. You have to remember that “Your value does not decrease just because someone can not see your worth.”

Your worth is not found in man, it is found in God!

You may be feeling worthless and beaten down just as I have. Life has a tendency of making us all feel this way at some point. But you know what? God loves you and better yet he loves you just the way you are. Nobody else’s opinion of you matters. Only God’s and God’s alone! He has a plan and destiny ahead just for you. So just like Dory says in the movie Nemo, “Just keep swimming”! You will reach your destiny when you focus your mind on what God says about you and not people.

I had to finally realize that my efforts are not going unnoticed! Just as yours are not! God sees everything that you do with a pure heart. He knows your hearts desires and he has so many wonderful things planned for you. God says you are “valued” and God says you are “worthy”.

Make sure you are focusing on what God says about you and stop seeing yourself through the eyes of those who do not value you or know your worth.



 YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL (Psalm 45:11)

YOU ARE LOVELY (Daniel 12:3)

YOU ARE LOVED (Jeremiah 31:3)

YOU ARE CHOSEN (John 15:16)

YOU ARE PRECIOUS (1 Corinthians 6:20) (Isaiah 43:4)


YOU ARE VALUED (Matthew 10:29-31)

YOU HAVE WORTH ( Genesis 1:27)

Our self-worth is too often based on what other people tell us about ourselves. The only true authority on our self-worth is God. Never allow someone to make you feel undervalued or worthless. You deserve the very best now and always!!