She believed


Do you recall those dreams you had as a little girl? The dreams to grow up and become a ballerina or maybe even something along the lines of a doctor or lawyer. Did you ever stop and think then that those dreams were not possible? Of course not! When you were younger anything seemed possible, am I right? You didn’t let others define “who you were” or “who you wanted to be”! Opinions did not matter and you truly believed in “yourself”. You wore what you wanted to wear and you walked with your head held high and you dreamed, you imagined, you had ideas and you were carefree. You would look in the mirror and cherish your freckles and you knew you were beautiful just the way God made you.

I have been reflecting on my much younger self and trying for the life of me to figure out why I have let those dreams lay dormant.  That little strawberry blonde haired girl is still me, even though over the years I have changed of course. But it is the time that we look deep inside ourselves and pull that “little girl” that we used to be out. We need to start believing in ourselves again and not letting anyone stop us from becoming what we have dreamed of being. It is never too late to start something new, make a change and be “who you are” and not who others want you to be. So what if your dream is silly! In all actuality, there are no silly dreams. We are all uniquely made for a purpose and a plan. A plan and destiny that nobody can change. So never stop dreaming!!! Do something today to pull that little care-free girl out!


Dance in the rain

Eat the darn ice cream

Take a journey

Dress up for yourself and seize the day

Build a sandcastle

Take a dance class

Take a cooking class


Sing and sing loud

Look in the mirror and love yo self


There is nothing stopping you from being you, except YOU!! The opinions of others do not MATTER!! You…!

So let’s make a promise to our “adult-selves” to never stop dreaming, let that little girl out and let your wings fly.

I am going to do this for me, I believe I can and I will!

She believed she could, so she did…



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  1. So true. We become so involved in what others want and let them defined who we really are….

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