Learning to trust…

Learning to trust…


How do you learn to trust GOD?

God is none other than the God of our PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE. He is above ALL things and will never let US down, so why is it so hard to trust him?

We tend to be somewhat “controlling” in our natural human nature. Our carnal flesh likes to take over and tell us that we can control any situation and we will have things taken care of in our time and our way. Am I right or am I right? I know first and foremost that I like to have control in certain situations. I want to bottle all of my feelings up and hide how I feel about certain things because I think I have control over myself. But that just is not the case. It would be so much easier to pray immediately and give the burden to God, but I think sometimes that “I have things all figured out”!! So why in those situations do I not just give the control to God and trust and obey him? It is because each day I have to refresh and renew my relationship with God. I have to study his word, I have to soak in his presence and eventually my faith is built back up and I trust him more. It is not that I do not have trust in God. I am saying that things happen in our lives that completely devastate us and get us off track. So in those times, we are to pray and ask God to guide us so that we understand why these things may be happening. But in our flesh, we want to carry the load naturally ourselves. But that is not what God’s word says to do.

Two very important scriptures that I quote daily to myself are:


MATTHEW 11:28-“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

See life is hard and very tough! We walk through storms in our lives that we least expect and circumstances can be very hard to bear. But you do not need to carry those loads on your own or try to control those situations. We all need to TRUST in the LORD! Do not waste your time trying to fill voids that you have with things of this world, because you will sadly be let down. Trust does not come easily to so many of us due to so many people letting us down and betraying our trust. I will be point blank with you, it is hard to find people you can trust. Now that is the truth. But people are not God. When people let us down it may or may not be to hurt us intentionally. But when God may have done something differently in a situation that you wanted a certain way, it is all because he is either protecting you from something or he has something much better than you could ever imagine.

Think of a tree….

A tree starts with the soil, a seed, water and sunlight in order to grow. In our spiritual life, we are the seed, the soil is our foundation in Christ, water is the Holy Spirit or living water and the sunlight are the words from God written in the bible. The tree does not know what kind it will be at the beginning, it just knows naturally what it needs to survive. The tree trust that with these essential things that it will start to grow, just as we do in our spiritual walk. We begin praying, reading God’s word, worshipping, fellowshipping and sharing our testimonies to others. In that, we begin to grow spiritually in learning to trust God. Our faith becomes stronger because we can see God moving in our lives. We begin to trust naturally. The tree grows and now it has branches and beautiful leaves all over it and it realizes God’s plan for it.

It provides shade on hot summer days and knows that no matter what rain or storm come its way, it is rooted and grounded in the foundation and soil. It does not care about the weeds that grow beside it because it is protected. Just as we are! When satan tries to destroy us, we have to remember that we are rooted and grounded in God’s protection! We have to trust and know that God always has a plan and his plan is so much better than our own. Eventually, the tree will begin losing its leaves. The colors with change and then they will fall. But that is all God’s plan. In our own lives, plans change and that is when we need to step out and trust what Jeremiah 29 says and stand on his promises for us.

So I challenge you this week to build up your faith with these scriptures and trust that God has a plan for whatever situation you are in. I assure you that we are each struggling in some area and need God to provide some answers. I am trying my best to trust his journey for myself and I too know and believe that he will also provide the answers you are seeking. Trust his will and you will not be dissapointed!