She believed


Do you recall those dreams you had as a little girl? The dreams to grow up and become a ballerina or maybe even something along the lines of a doctor or lawyer. Did you ever stop and think then that those dreams were not possible? Of course not! When you were younger anything seemed possible, am I right? You didn’t let others define “who you were” or “who you wanted to be”! Opinions did not matter and you truly believed in “yourself”. You wore what you wanted to wear and you walked with your head held high and you dreamed, you imagined, you had ideas and you were carefree. You would look in the mirror and cherish your freckles and you knew you were beautiful just the way God made you.

I have been reflecting on my much younger self and trying for the life of me to figure out why I have let those dreams lay dormant.  That little strawberry blonde haired girl is still me, even though over the years I have changed of course. But it is the time that we look deep inside ourselves and pull that “little girl” that we used to be out. We need to start believing in ourselves again and not letting anyone stop us from becoming what we have dreamed of being. It is never too late to start something new, make a change and be “who you are” and not who others want you to be. So what if your dream is silly! In all actuality, there are no silly dreams. We are all uniquely made for a purpose and a plan. A plan and destiny that nobody can change. So never stop dreaming!!! Do something today to pull that little care-free girl out!


Dance in the rain

Eat the darn ice cream

Take a journey

Dress up for yourself and seize the day

Build a sandcastle

Take a dance class

Take a cooking class


Sing and sing loud

Look in the mirror and love yo self


There is nothing stopping you from being you, except YOU!! The opinions of others do not MATTER!! You…!

So let’s make a promise to our “adult-selves” to never stop dreaming, let that little girl out and let your wings fly.

I am going to do this for me, I believe I can and I will!

She believed she could, so she did…



How to strive to become a Godly wife..

 What God says about Godly wives….

First and foremost I put in the title “strive” because we are to try our very best to be the best wives that we can. But we are not made perfect and therefore we are not perfect wives. But together with guidance from God’s word, we can “strive” to become better Godly wives. I have had the joy of knowing my husband for 24 years. We were the best of friends growing up and just knew when we became teens together that we were indeed soulmates. We have been together 17 of those 24 years and married for almost 15 of them. Together we have faced many obstacles in our lives and we truly know the only reason we are still together is through the love that God has given us for each other. The number one thing is to always put God first! No matter what you face in your marriage and I do mean no matter what, God can and will see you through it. But each of us plays a vital part in a marriage. Men have a role and women have a role. But only with God on your side will you actually succeed together as one.

So what exactly does God himself say in his word about Godly wives?

We find the first answer in Genesis 2:18-  The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

The key word in this scripture is “helper”. God made man first (ADAM) and then made a woman (EVE) so that man would not be alone and he would have a “helpmate”. God intends for us to help our husbands become what God has planned for them to be. They need us to basically be a helping hand along the side of them. Together you will become “teammates”. See I know that my poor husband tries very hard to do things on his own but how many of you know they need our help lol! My husband will open our food pantry every morning looking for his oatmeal. I have told him a million times that it is in the container with the “blue” top. But every single morning he can not seem to find it. Shocker, right? So even as frustrated as I may get, I walk over and grab it for him. Yes, it gets on my everlasting nerve. But in all honesty, our poor husbands just need our help.

Secondly, we are called to” respect” our husbands. This is found in Ephesians 5:33 -However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband. When you respect your husband, you value him, notice him, build him up, honor him, admire him, appreciate his commitment to you and you consider “his”needs. Yes, our husbands have needs just as we do. Underneath all that masculinity your husband is vulnerable too. As Godly wives, we need to be aware of our husband’s needs and strive to meet those needs each day. We need to communicate with our husbands about what their needs may be. Each person is different and has different needs of course, but just as we want our husbands to meet ours, we need to give the same to them. Communication is a must! You can not read each other’s minds. Bad communication leads to unhealthy marriages. So many people think that affairs happen because of sexual issues. I beg to differ, communication is the number one reason for divorce and unhealthy marriages. One or both people have needs that are not being met, so one or the other tries to fill that void with someone that will take the time to communicate and meet those needs. It takes baby steps of course, but by simply encouraging your husband and letting him know that his needs are valued can and will make a huge difference in your marriage.

Thirdly, LOVE your husband! In Titus 2:4  wives are called to “love their husbands”.  This kind of love in Titus is described as the kind of love in which we accept our husbands for who they are. We love them in spite of their flaws and everything about them that drives us nuts. I mean I know I also have issues that my husband does not like about me, but he loves me anyway. Neither one of us is perfect, so we need to love them no matter what. Additionally, love for your husband means being committed to having a healthy “sexual relationship” with them. I am not trying to be vulgar in anyway and I am not saying “love” is “sex”, but we have to look at how men are made and how God commands us to love our husbands. Sex was made by God himself for marriages, it is not something that should be taken lightly. Sex is very important in marriages! When a wife seems uninterested, resist intimacy with her husband and basically makes excuses not to fulfill this marriage need, men can feel rejected. Rejection does not feel good to anyone. It can cause your husband to question himself as a man, isolate himself from you, purposely not meet your needs because his are not being met, it just causes separation from each other. As Godly wives our husband’s sexual needs should be top priority above meal planning, house cleaning, having dinner cooked, activities, and our children’s needs. Yes, I said above our children’s needs. Love God, your husband, your children, family, and friends. Your husband’s needs should come above your children. For without him, your children would not even be here. Your husband is important too. I love my children with everything I have in me, but when they move out, It will be my husband and me here. I want us to have a healthy relationship that carries over. I totally understand that as a wife and mother we wear many hats and by the end of the day, we are tired from giving so much to everyone else. I am only saying that you must also have a hat that you wear only for your husband. Save some energy for him. Don’t just take my word for it, apply this to your marriage and watch and see how much more your husband will strive to meet your needs after his are being met too.

Last but not least, Submit to your husband. Now do not get your panties in a wad or crucify me for writing “submit”. I am not saying by any means that you are to bow down to your husband and do whatever he says to do. That is not what the bible means when it says to submit. We find in Colossians 3:18-19 –

18 Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.

19 Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them.

This scripture is not saying that husbands should control their wives, even though I know some that take this scripture out of contents. Basically, you are teammates like I have said before. By submitting to your husband you recognize that he is the leader of your family and you respect his decisions. That does not mean that only he can make decisions, you should make them together. But you should respect his opinion in the decision-making process as well.

Above all else, each day “strive” to become a Godly wife by praying for your husband and asking God to lead and guide you. Only through your love for God can you take the first steps into becoming what God needs you to be for your husband. Each day try something new and together watch your relatonship grow.

Happy Tuesday Y’all!



Worship is……

I desire to be God’s hands and feet and I want the beauty and awe of Jesus Christ to shine through me during worship. I do not want people to see me when I worship, but instead to see him. My heart burst with pure joy each and every time I am able to sing praises to God. My Mom has always told me that I was basically born singing. At a very young age, I began singing and I have not stopped yet. Through many trials and tribulations, singing is my lighthouse, my saving grace in dark and troubling times. Music soothes my soul in so many wonderful ways. But worship is just so much more than that.

But besides how I feel during worship, what does it mean to have a “lifestyle” of worship?

Having a lifestyle of worship is when you decide that no matter what your current situation is, no matter what the doctor report says, no matter what others have said about; you will give praise and honor to God in spite of all of those things. Worship is authentic when you not only walk the walk during services, but you walk the walk throughout your daily life. Our thoughts must be consumed by the notion that God should receive our praise and worship in all things. The praise and worship given to him should be unending. You are in a constant state of worship when worship is a lifestyle.  It is a heart thing really. It does require some work, but once you decide to have a lifestyle of worship, you will notice that it will naturally flow from church services into the upcoming week. It is just like making a lifestyle change in your diet. You can not expect to become a healthier you if you only eat healthy on Sundays and Wednesdays. It is the same with worship! You can not expect to grow closer to God and have a healthy spiritual relationship when you only give thanks through praise and worship two days a week. Nothing will initially change until you make a true “lifestyle” change.

PSALM 34 1-3 says:



You have to make the decision to praise God at “all times”. The verse above in Psalm gives you the very detail and explanation as to what a “lifestyle” of worship should be. Plain and simple, praise should always be on your lips. Worship is not based on your “feelings”. It is not if you feel like it that day and I know all too well that not every day is full of unicorns and rainbows, but we have to strive to put our feelings aside and give God the praise and worship that he deserves. Especially when we don’t feel like it. I promise you if you give him glory even when you do not feel like it, it will change your whole mood. He will wrap his loving arms around you like a warm heated blanket and give you the comfort that you need. God will take upon himself your burdens and give you rest. He does not want his children living in darkness, disappointment or despair! God wants all of us to live abundant lives full of joy!!

I want my life to portray the lifestyle of worship. The very essence of God surrounds me during worship. I can feel his very presence so strongly and it reminds of his goodness. God is worthy of my praise!! God deserves the glory and honor to be praised daily. I want to seek his face, for not one person knows what all God has done for me. I was created to worship and I long to give back thanks to my healer, my redeemer, my savior, my provider, and my heavenly father. I rejoice for I am so glad that he hasn’t given up on me! I am anointed & equipped only through him to fulfill his purposes for me.


Today is the day to make a “lifestyle” change. Just watch and see what God can and will do through you when you make worship a lifestyle…

Happy Monday Y’ALL!





Pieces of me keep falling through the cracks. As I try to move forward, I immediately travel five or more steps back. It begins to become so very clear that I am not in control of things I hold so very dear. More and more each day I begin to rely on your narrow way. Walking blindly along this long path, I trust you, God to protect me from satan’s wrath. For you hold the whole world in your hands and make crooked paths straight in this weary lost land. Give me the hope to travel and reach so far, to always to look toward you, the bright and morning star. 


Are you producing fresh fruit?

 Are you producing fresh fruit?

A couple of weeks ago I was driving along the parkway and the car in front of me was moving at a slower speed than I wanted to go.  The speed limit was 70 miles an hour and they obviously didn’t know where the gas pedal was. As I began to pass them, they then decided to speed up making it impossible to pass them. It absolutely infuriated me! I could feel my blood pressure getting a bit higher and my blood boiling through my veins. I was mad, to say the least…

My kids were also in the car with me and both of them were eyewitnesses to just how mad I was. I  proceeded to say such things like how “stupid” the person operating the vehicle in front of us was. Now in our home, the word “stupid” should not be said. But it totally ticked me off in that moment and I could not control my anger. 

Now I am usually a pretty calm individual, but I may have a small amount of road rage and when I say small I mean it is honestly bad, just ask my hubby or kids.

My point is that we all have those moments in our lives where we show the not so pretty things about us.

But do we realize that our own actions influence others?

I try my very best not to say words like “stupid” and in front of God and my children, I failed. In that moment, I was producing rotten fruit.

People are constantly watching over our shoulders and watching our every move and especially watching those of us that are in ministry.

Am I right?

It is often times hard to remember that every day you are an example and though none of us are perfect, we need to strive to be the best version of ourselves each day. We are human and we all make mistakes and we are not designed to live that way in our own power. It is only when we stay connected to God that our good characteristics flow more freely from our lives. Then we notice that we produce fresh fruit, but how?

We find that Paul the Apostle wrote in Galatians 5:22-23- But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things, there is no law.

So what Paul is saying is that the fruit of the spirit is the moral character developed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Paul expresses by listing the moral qualities produced by the Spirit that those who “live by the Spirit” will actually fulfill God’s requirements for his people. They are Godly characteristics that we should live our lives by.

So what exactly do each of them mean by the word of God and how can we produce fresh fruit vs. rotten fruit?

LOVE- The word for love does not refer to the warm and fuzzy feelings that a person may make you feel. Love in this instance is a deliberate attitude of good will and devotion to others. The Lord gives freely without looking to see if the other person deserves it or not and does these things knowing the other person cannot give anything back. 

Question to yourself: Am I motivated to love and do for others as Christ has done for me?

JOY-unlike happiness, joy is gladness that is not dependent on our circumstances. Happiness is temporary, joy is long lasting. 

Question: Am I experiencing joy in my life or temporary happiness?

PEACE-the presence of tranquility even while in the midst of total chaos.

Question: Am I focusing on turmoil and chaos going on around me or am I focussing on God’s peace that passes all understanding?

PATIENCE- the ability to endure ill-treatment that is given by others without lashing out at them.

Question: Are you easily angered?

KINDNESS– when you look for ways to meet the needs of others.

Question: Is it my goal to serve others or myself?

GOODNESS- this reflects the character of God. It is your desire to see good in others. 

Question- Does your life reflect the desire to see others experience God on a deeper level?

FAITHFULNESS- Someone with real integrity and puts their full trust in God.

Question: Am I faithful to those around me?

GENTLENESS-meekness not weakness. Gentle people forgive others and try to live tranquil lives. 

Question-Do you come across to people as headstrong, unteachable and or unapproachable?

SELF-CONTROL- our fleshly desires-choosing to be controlled by the Holy Spirit instead of ourselves.

Question- Are you the one driving your life or is God controlling the wheel?

When we follow the “FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT,” we produce fresh fruit!!

So I pray today that you soak in God’s presence and ask him how to help you apply these fruits to your life and let God show you the harvest that is coming just by doing so.




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Prophetic Characeristics & Personalties

 Prophetic characteristics and personalities…..

For the longest time, I have found myself extremely emotional. For the life of me, I could not understand why my emotions were so out of whack. Truthfully I assumed that there was something wrong with me. I did not find my answers until I began my deep journey into studying Prophetic Personalities. 

The Bible tells us that in the last days, God himself will pour out his Holy Spirit on all flesh. This is found in Acts 2:17-21, which reads:  

“‘In the last days, God says,
    I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
    your young men will see visions,
    your old men will dream dreams.
18 Even on my servants, both men and women,
    I will pour out my Spirit in those days,
    and they will prophesy.
19 I will show wonders in the heavens above
    and signs on the earth below,
    blood and fire and billows of smoke.

20The sun will become dark,
    and the moon will turn blood red before that great
and glorious day of the Lord arrives.
21 But everyone who calls on the name of the Lord
    will be saved.’[a]

This scripture is telling us that in the last days there will be a release of the PROPHETIC.

Every single Christian has the ability to prophesy since it is the Holy Spirit that gives us the power to use this gift. What others do not know is that if you have the gift of prophecy, you also have a PROPHETIC PERSONALITY TYPE. During this post, you may be able to identify with one of these and understand why you are the way you are in certain situations.

These personality types have been made to help you understand more into your gift of prophecy.

  1. THE KNOWER- If you are a “knower”, you seem to just know something and it feels right, but you can not explain exactly how you know. It is as if you have a built-in radar of knowledge about certain situations and once you come in contact with the situation you find out that what you thought you knew was the truth.

2. THE SEER-If you are a “seer” you will see pictures in your mind, visions, and dreams. When you give a prophetic word, you will see these pictures in your head and let them lead and guide you through your prophetic word. It is the same with dreams and visions also. 

3. THE FEELER-If you are a “feeler”, you feel so deeply other people’s emotions. A feeler discerns the things of God by “feeling” with their inner man if someone is dealing with a spirit of fear, love, peace, joy, etc..Feelers are not able to just feel things of the spirit, but God will impart his feelings to them to know God’s thoughts by understanding how he feels.

4. THE HEARER-If you are a “hearer”, you will “hear” what the Holy Spirit says. Now, of course, God does not yell down from heaven in an audible voice and tell you what you need to hear. Normally you just hear something and then share what God is saying through what you heard in order to explain it to the individual. 

After much studying, I knew right off the bat that I was a FEELER/KNOWER. For several months God has been shifting me in a new direction. He has allowed me in several situations to use my gift of speaking in tongues and also in the prophetic gift of knowledge. I am not going to lie that it kind of frightened me the first time God gave a prophetic word of knowledge and told me to speak it over someone else.

I just knew that something was going on with this person, but I did not know exactly how I knew.  But after I was obedient and spoke what God had said, I, in turn, found out that every single thing I had spoken lined up with what the person was dealing with. It was amazing and I was filled with overwhelming joy that God used me!!

In my obedience, God began using me and as I stepped out more, he allowed other gifts I have been given to be used as well.  I am truly in awe of God’s goodness.

That is why I decided to start studying more into prophecy and I found that I am a “knower/feeler”. I am not posting this to boast by any means!

I am simply trying to help those of us use our gifts that God has given us and understand why things happen the way they do. I have been a “feeler” for as long as I can remember. But I did not understand my emotions until I began to study more deeply. There have been so many times that I can discern what someone else is feeling. It is impressed upon me so very hard. I tend to ask people all the time if they are “ok”, just because I can feel in my spirit that they are not. I can walk into a room very happy and walk out 5 minutes later feeling all kinds of emotions. It is because I literally take on others people’s emotions and pain. IT IS EXHAUSTING at times and very frustrating. But now I understand why….

I use to look at myself like I was a crazy emotional basket case lol. Like seriously though, I can sense even pain! Yes, I said pain. I can sense when someone else is in pain even. Things just impact me so deeply! Now that I know I am a prophetic knower/feeler, my life makes perfect sense. It is so refreshing to know that I was made this way for a purpose and better yet a purpose that is bigger than myself.

I also have realized that after being woken up almost every night with a very heavy heart and being urged to pray for burdens that I am not aware of yet, that I too have the gift of intercessory prayer. Intercessory prayer is when you pray on the behalf of others and when it is teamed up with a prophetic gift it can be POWERFUL!!!

If you are called to the ministry of a prophetic intercessor, you will find that you may relate to a few of these additional things:

You tend to pray more at times when you feel urged by the Holy Spirit. (Like a “burden” prayer)

Prayer is easy for you when you feel that the Holy Spirit has given you a specific burden or situation to pray about.

You believe God has called you to pray.

You place a high value on prayer.

You have seen how God answers prayers.

You receive revelation from the Holy Spirit concerning what to pray and how to pray.

You experience a deep satisfaction from prayer.

Intercessory prayer is very biblical and one of the earliest examples of this type of prayer is found in Genesis 18 when Abraham pleaded with God for the well being of Sodom. Instead of being overcome with his own needs, Abraham prayed for those around him.

I hope that this post was helpful for each of you!! Pray and seek God’s answers about your gifts. I know I am very happy that I did a little more digging. 

Step out and use your gifts today!


Learning to trust…

Learning to trust…


How do you learn to trust GOD?

God is none other than the God of our PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE. He is above ALL things and will never let US down, so why is it so hard to trust him?

We tend to be somewhat “controlling” in our natural human nature. Our carnal flesh likes to take over and tell us that we can control any situation and we will have things taken care of in our time and our way. Am I right or am I right? I know first and foremost that I like to have control in certain situations. I want to bottle all of my feelings up and hide how I feel about certain things because I think I have control over myself. But that just is not the case. It would be so much easier to pray immediately and give the burden to God, but I think sometimes that “I have things all figured out”!! So why in those situations do I not just give the control to God and trust and obey him? It is because each day I have to refresh and renew my relationship with God. I have to study his word, I have to soak in his presence and eventually my faith is built back up and I trust him more. It is not that I do not have trust in God. I am saying that things happen in our lives that completely devastate us and get us off track. So in those times, we are to pray and ask God to guide us so that we understand why these things may be happening. But in our flesh, we want to carry the load naturally ourselves. But that is not what God’s word says to do.

Two very important scriptures that I quote daily to myself are:


MATTHEW 11:28-“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

See life is hard and very tough! We walk through storms in our lives that we least expect and circumstances can be very hard to bear. But you do not need to carry those loads on your own or try to control those situations. We all need to TRUST in the LORD! Do not waste your time trying to fill voids that you have with things of this world, because you will sadly be let down. Trust does not come easily to so many of us due to so many people letting us down and betraying our trust. I will be point blank with you, it is hard to find people you can trust. Now that is the truth. But people are not God. When people let us down it may or may not be to hurt us intentionally. But when God may have done something differently in a situation that you wanted a certain way, it is all because he is either protecting you from something or he has something much better than you could ever imagine.

Think of a tree….

A tree starts with the soil, a seed, water and sunlight in order to grow. In our spiritual life, we are the seed, the soil is our foundation in Christ, water is the Holy Spirit or living water and the sunlight are the words from God written in the bible. The tree does not know what kind it will be at the beginning, it just knows naturally what it needs to survive. The tree trust that with these essential things that it will start to grow, just as we do in our spiritual walk. We begin praying, reading God’s word, worshipping, fellowshipping and sharing our testimonies to others. In that, we begin to grow spiritually in learning to trust God. Our faith becomes stronger because we can see God moving in our lives. We begin to trust naturally. The tree grows and now it has branches and beautiful leaves all over it and it realizes God’s plan for it.

It provides shade on hot summer days and knows that no matter what rain or storm come its way, it is rooted and grounded in the foundation and soil. It does not care about the weeds that grow beside it because it is protected. Just as we are! When satan tries to destroy us, we have to remember that we are rooted and grounded in God’s protection! We have to trust and know that God always has a plan and his plan is so much better than our own. Eventually, the tree will begin losing its leaves. The colors with change and then they will fall. But that is all God’s plan. In our own lives, plans change and that is when we need to step out and trust what Jeremiah 29 says and stand on his promises for us.

So I challenge you this week to build up your faith with these scriptures and trust that God has a plan for whatever situation you are in. I assure you that we are each struggling in some area and need God to provide some answers. I am trying my best to trust his journey for myself and I too know and believe that he will also provide the answers you are seeking. Trust his will and you will not be dissapointed!


You don’t have to be good in order to do good….



 What do you think of when you hear the word……GOOD?

I know when I think about the word good, I often think of a big ole’ cup of java…also known as coffee. Coffee makes me feel a warm sensation from the time I smell it brewing until it touches my tongue. The warmth of it’s goodness courses through my body with a burst of happiness. It is comforting really and I absolutely love it. Others may think of behavior when they think of the word “good”.

A very wise person once told me that “you don’t have to be good to do good”. At first when I heard that it puzzled me. What exactly did that mean? I pondered on each word for a few seconds and slowly processed in my mind my own conclusion to the meaning of that statement. It meant to come to God as you are! There is no good work, good deed or having a perfectly good behavior that gets you to heaven. You have to first admit that you are a sinner and ask Jesus into your heart. Through your act of salvation, God meets you exactly where you are, he washes away all of your sins and makes you a new person. Through the blood of Jesus Christ, you are accepted and “good enough” in his eyes.

I do not care if you left a bar early Sunday morning, walked to the closest Church, set on the front row, and crawled to the altar smelling of last night’s booze; God accepts you as you are! He will make a way for you when you feel like there is no way! He will provide the goodness of his love and mercy and in return, you will become more like him. You are not perfect and you will continue to mess up, but that is why God is so good! He knows your heart and he knows what you struggle with. The changes in your life will not happen overnight, but God will provide you the strength to overcome those sins. He is faithful and just to forgive you of those sins and to place your feet on the narrow path of righteousness. We all struggle daily and there is nothing that we can do that God can not forgive. It is not by our own goodness that he loves us or forgives us, it is by his sacrifice on the cross and his unfailing love for us. How powerful is that??

That does not give you a license to sin or abuse God’s grace. It is a simple reminder that God will not leave you or forsake you if you do mess up. God has open arms to greet you when you come back home to him, kind of like the story of the prodigal son, found in Luke 15:11–32.  God has a plan and purpose for you that no man can change. So stop beating yourself up and thinking that you will come to God when you are good enough. He loves you the way you are and through his love you are made good enough. It says in Psalms that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God already knows your sins and he loves you in spite of them. Once you come to God you will no longer desire to live by your fleshly desires, you will let God guide you toward his desires for you. God loves each of us and nothing can take that away!!

Psalm 139:14- I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful, I know that full well


God’s promises

God did not promise us that life would always be full of rainbows and sunshine after we made the decision to ask him into our hearts, but he did make us promises that he provided in his word, that are found in the good ole’ B-I-B-L-E. I am reminded of a song I use to sing as a kid, the B-I-B-L-E, yes that’s the book for me, I stand upon the word of God, the B-I-B-L-E. It is so simple that even a child could understand. So why do we make things so difficult? Why do we tend to go to our best friends, families or even pastors for all of the answers, when we can simply apply the word to our own lives? As you begin reading your bible, you will become closer to our Lord and savior. You will notice things that use to bother you, no longer bother you. You will notice changes within yourself that you could not change on your own. You will have freedom from the chains of bondage that have kept you down and defeated! The chains will be broken!!!! The promises of God are unfailing, powerful and life changing. The promises of God start with 2 Timothy 3:16, when he tells us that all scriptures are inspired by him.

2 Timothy 3:16– All scripture is breathed out by God and is profitable for teaching, for reproof,  for correction, and for training in righteousness.

It is written plainly in God’s word that every scripture was breathed out by God himself. What a wonderful promise to us! But the good news is that God’s promises do not end there. In the bible, there are thousands of promises. I will be sharing below some of my go to scriptures about God’s promises. Anything that you face in your daily life you can overcome by reading, praying and applying God’s word to that problem. Your issue may be an addiction, financial issues, recovering from a lost marriage, grief, holding onto hurts, depression, anxiety, and there are much more. But you get the idea. The word of God has the answer that you are waiting for. God will always provide a way to guide you, you just have to lean on him and learn to trust and obey his word.  Here is a list of some of my favorite scriptures about God’s promises to us. We serve a good God that is for sure!

Isaiah 40:31 –but those who hope in the Lord
    will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary,
    they will walk and not be faint.

Isaiah 54:17 – no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the LORD.

1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

Deuteronomy 31:8 The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

Philippians 4:19 And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

I pray today that you stand on the promises of God and apply these scriptures to your life. As I have said many times, you are not alone! We all need reminders of God’s promises. He has never failed me yet, so I will praise him for all my days. Have a very blessed week and thanks for reading!